DANYA Bernal

Fitness Coach

About me

Hello! I’m Danya Bernal. Since I was 17 years old I started adventureinto the world of fitness and I became passionate about this discipline. However, it was not until I became a mother that I began to perform home workouts and carry out challenges that helped other girls like me to recover their self-esteem, figure and above all their security postpartum. Currently, I am a personal trainer certified by FISICOCULTURISMO MÉXICO S.C. WITH THE ENDORSEMENT OF WABBA INTERNATIONAL. I am certified for home training and sports nutrition focused on women.
Danya is a qualified and certified trainer


My goal is to help you meet and achieve your goals, show you that it is possible to achieve a balance between your daily life and a healthier life, forming and acquiring good physical and health habits based on perseverance, determination and discipline.

personal training

One of my goals is to share with you my passion for leading a more active life, full of energy and better habits. I love listening to and seeing their changes because I know that with them they gain more self-confidence and build self-esteem, which therefore raises that self-esteem that we sometimes forget to reinforce. It is for this reason that I am willing to be their guide and mentor. . To help and encourage them not to give up on the road and to reach the goal. Let me be part of your transformation!

training plans

I want you to know that I also had my first fit day, where everything seemed strange and difficult to carry out. However, I am here to remind you how incredibly strong you are and to tell you that you are not alone. So that first day will become the best anecdote you can tell because from there, the wisest changes will come for your mind and body.


Home Training

$310 usd/ monthly

Face-to-face training in the gym


online training


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General information

  • All include a sports nutrition plan and exercise routine for home or gym based on the person’s goal.
  • Follow-up by personal WhatsApp.
  • Once the payment has been made according to the chosen plan, you will be able to answer the health questionnaire and after these two steps your plan will be sent from Thursday to Saturday, this if the information was sent before Thursday. (If you sent your information on the same Saturday, it is most likely that your plan will arrive until next Thursday.
  • Try that your information in the questionnaire is complete, since if it is absent it will not be taken into account until it is completed. (for example, missing photos, weight, age, etc.)
  • Once the payment is made, there is no refund. If you make the payment for the quarterly plan and for some reason the person cannot continue due to health reasons, the remaining weeks will be respected until the person recovers.
  • Once enrolled in one of my plans, you will get a 10% discount on my DB Fitness brand products.


Como entrenador personal es mi deber supervisar los diferentes objetivos de cada una de mis chicas, ya sean estéticos, deportivos o de salud, para poder ayudarlas a conseguir sus objetivos de forma segura. El objetivo es hacer ver a las personas que entrenando desde casa se pueden obtener excelentes resultados, realizando de forma eficiente y segura los principios básicos del entrenamiento y sin necesidad de disponer de máquinas para estos ya que trabajamos con lo que tenemos a mano.

focus your goals

We are human beings, is always likely to trip and fall. However, the most important thing is to get up again and continue standing facing challenges that, at some point, seemed impossible, but from one day to the next the impossible can become a reality; discipline, motivation, focus and determination are necessary to achieve our goals. There is no need to suffer when training or punish yourself by going on diets that, instead of helping, only worsen our system and put us in uncomfortable moments, knowing that a better diet leads to better results.If all of them could, I could, YOU CAN TOO! Exercise is a vital part of a healthy life, it can help prevent gaining overweight or obesity, it helps regulate and prevent a wide range of health problems, such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression , anxiety, among others. Although it is also true that on many occasions exercising alone does not motivate us as much as when we do it as a couple or as a team, so don’t wait any longer and let’s work together”.

danya bernal